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Turn Your Family History Stories into Children's Books

Illustrating, Compiling & Publishing

Your story, Your way. 

Send us a PDF or Word Doc of your story. It can be a rough draft. 

2. Let's Chat all about it

We'll talk thru the details, artwork styles, illustration ideas & more.

3. Write it, just as you want it

You get to write your story, your way. The book has space for a children's version & a full story.

4. Approve Your Book & Print

Once illustrations and writing is completed & approved by you, we'll get it quickly printed.


We create books perfectly designed to be loved by your whole family, from great -grandparents down to the newest babies! We provide the highest quality, fully customized, beautiful & durable children's books for you to enjoy with your family at the most affordable price possible. But, don't take our word for it, check out what our amazing customers say about us. 


Julie Goodro

Creating the Jack and Alice book about my grandparents was an extensive labor of love.  Many, many hours of research went into it. The result was well worth the effort. The book appeals to all ages. The picture book format at the beginning pulls in younger children. The stories and photos in the rest of the book hold the interest of older children and adults. I love all the wedding pictures at the back.

Lacey was incredibly helpful and patient with me in creating the book, especially when I hadn't been clear enough about my vision for each page. She bent over backwards to accommodate me with color choices, clothing and hair styles, and the like.

Most of my aunts, uncles and cousins were interested in purchasing a copy of the completed book. One uncle even bragged about the book, many months later, to one of his cousins who lives back east. She contacted me and wanted a copy. Jack & Alice are her fondly remembered aunt and uncle. I left one copy in the family cabin built by Jack and Alice. I think it will be good for bedtime stories when any of the family are there sharing the love of a beautiful couple that they left in that legacy of a cabin.

Front Cover Horace & Edna Smoot.jpg

Carrie Smoot

Thank you so much for the amazing books you created and put together! We absolutely LOVE them (we have Alma and Edna and Grandma and Grandpa Smoot:-)! Our kiddos love them as bedtime stories! This Christmas, we decorated our Christmas tree as an “ancestor tree” with pictures of family members (below). Each night leading up to Christmas, the bedtime story was one from the tree. It was perfect to be able to just read straight from your books for Grandma/a Grandpa Smoot & Alma and Edna; the pictures really help hold their attention and they remember them better. We also get to enjoy them and think about our ancestors throughout the year and not just December when we tell their stories.

Cover for S&M Love Story.jpg

Sadie Murphy

I've loved knowing the story of how my grandma and grandpa met and I appreciate that it was made into a children’s book so that I can share it with generations to come! Such a special gift and great quality :)

Cover for S&M Love Story.jpg

Synthia Simonsen

We have really enjoyed the two family books we have received through Tell Me Their Stories. Our kids have gotten to know their great grandparents in a sweet way and remembered details about them after. They were even able to connect that one of their grandma’s (who is still alive) was the same one in the story because her photograph was at the back of the book. They enjoy these stories and choose them as frequently as other books we own. These books are worth every penny and are such a special keepsake. We’ll definitely be ordering more!

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 4.48.19 PM.png

Haley Rose

Amazing quality and beautifully done books! We bought a book and my kids and I love it!! It's so fun showing them through fun pictures and easy to understand words all about their ancestors! 100% recommend working with Tell Me Their Stories you will not be disappointed!

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 4.48.19 PM.png

Karie Hill

We purchased a book and it is amazing quality! My kids love learning about their ancestors and looking at the gorgeous illustrations. Such a great company to work with!

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