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Hi! We're the Reeves and we're thrilled you've come to join us at Tell Me Their Stories! A little background on us; we've been married 8 years, we have four adorable girls, we've lived in 3 states (Utah, California & New York) AND obviously, we love family history stories! 


This fun company started because Shane wanted our kids to know all the exciting stories his grandma would tell. Lacey wanted to remember which ancestor belonged in which story her mom told. Both of us were tired of reading many random and sometimes meaningless children's stories over and over.


We decided to change that and turn our own family stories into children's books!  Our girls now read and listen to inspiring, funny and adventurous TRUE stories that their ancestors lived.  Our 7, 4 and 2 year olds know their great grandparents by name, even more however, they know who they were, how they lived and what they learned. These stories and books have enhanced our daily lives and are priceless to our family.

Everyone we've shared our idea with, loved it! So, we've simplified a very complicated, expensive and time-consuming project into an inspiring, fun and meaningful experience! 

And so, here we are, Tell Me Their Stories.  

It's time to bust out your family journals, recordings, photos and all the black and white family history books! If you already have these resources, making your children's books can be so simple! If you don't, start interviewing now and get your family stories recorded, you will never regret recording! Start now to preserve your history in a bright and beautiful book.

The best and most affordable way to get your books is to share the love with your extended family and friends. The more books you order the cheaper each books costs! You may be surprised at how many people want to keep your ancestors stories alive. They will love and appreciate the work you put in to creating this book. We're here to help, so submit your story and let's get your book started!


Our Team

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