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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What size are your books?
    All of our books are square, 8x8 (eight inches by eight inches).
  • What type of books to you print?
    We offer two options: Board Books - 1 mm thick pages and rounded corners; great for young children. Hardback Books - secure sewn binding and quality paper with typical book covers
  • How long does it take to make a book?
    - 6-8 weeks minimum. We take pride in the fact we can get your book to you quickly! This time frame does depend on if we receive all needed details up front. - Situations that may require more time include: 1. Additional custom artwork beyond 10 pages 2. Changes to text or artwork 3. Delays in gathering information, photos, etc. 4. Big holiday seasons. We recommend planning on two months.
  • What is included in each book?
    1. Front Cover ​(you choose from your 10 custom art pages) 2. Title Page 3.10 pages of custom artwork 4. Full-Story Section at the back of the book. - Board Books include 3 full story pages - Hardcover Books include 24 full story pages
  • What is the the Full Story Section?
    - There is always more to the story so we don't want to loose the details, so we've created the Full Story Section at the back of the book to entertain and educate adults and older kids. This section can be filled with text, photos, pedigree charts and more! - Board Book Package includes 3 Full Story Pages. - Hard Cover Package includes 24 Full Story Pages.
  • How many pages can my book have?
    - Board Books can fit 12-50 pages plus the front & back cover. - Hardbound Books must have at least 34 pages* plus the front & back cover *Note: at least 34 paper pages are needed in order to do a quality binding
  • Can I get more than 10 pages of custom artwork?
    Yes! Additional artwork is $40/per page.
  • Can I add more pages to the Full Story section at the back?
    Yes! Additional Full Story pages are $15/per page​
  • What are all the details on the Board Books?
    Size: 8x8 inches Material: - Board Book - 300 gsm - 1mm per page - Glossy Lamination Basic Package Includes: - 10 pages of Custom Artwork - 3 pages of the Full Story section * Note: if you want more than 50 pages in your book, you will need to order a hardcover book instead.
  • What are all the details on the Hardcover Books?
    Size: 8x8 inches Material: - Hardcover (1200 gsm) - Sewn Binding - Glossy Paper Pages (157 gsm) Basic Package Includes: - 10 pages of Custom Artwork - 24 pages of the Full Story section * Note: For proper binder there must be a minimum of 34 pages for a hardback book. If you do not have 34 pages of information/pictures but you still want a hard back book we can add blank pages to fill in the difference.
  • What is the full process of making a book?
    1. You submit a story and related details including but not limited to the following: - Photos - Pedigree chart(s) - Scene & Character descriptions 2. We meet with you for 45 minutes to get a clear understanding of what you want. - Meetings may be held in person, video chat, or over the phone. 3. We turn the full story into a children's version, if you do not want to write it yourself. 4. You approve Children's version. 5. We send the details to our talented artists. 6. We edit the Full Story Section, if you want us too. 7. You approve first pages of artwork. 8. We format the artwork and text into a book. 9. We create the order form for you to show family and friends interested in the story. - Order forms consist of thumbnails of each page of artwork on 1 - 2 pages. - Places to enter name, desired quantity of books, email, and phone number will also be included to help you keep track of your orders. 10. We add your book to our online book store for your family to easily order. 11. We work together to create the title page. 12. You approve the final artwork and book layout. 13. We print the book. 14. We deliver the books to YOU! 15. You read and treasure an amazing book forever!
  • When do I pay for my book order?
    A $300 Deposit is required for us to begin creating the book. The Full Balance is due once you approve the print layout.
  • What if I already have an artist or the artwork is already done?
    ​Awesome! We are happy to help you get your book printed! Pricing will be based on the project details. Tell us about your story and artwork and we'll work out the best price and timing for you.
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